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Heather Schmidt


Height: 5'

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Blue



SAG Eligible


"Astro Boy, expressively played by Heather Schmidt with the perfect balance of simple robotic gestures and physicality paired with wide-eyed and adorable appeal." -Pauline Adamek (Arts Beat LA)

"Schmidt gives a wonderfully stylized performance, playing all of the "Oh, boy! Gee whiz!" dialogue perfectly straight, the lack of modern irony ultimately lending a melancholy resonance to the tragic hero." -Terry Morgan (Stage Raw)


Resurgence of Nina      Lead                Nick Funk - Brooks Institute

This Is Goodbye             Supporting     Marjorie Cohen
The Light                         Lead                Jake Miller - Brooks Institute
Qwerty                            Lead                Courtney Wold - Sidewalk Eggs
Film Sancuary                
Supporting     Nick Funk - Brooks Institute
Witch of Alder Gultch   Supporting     Glenn Simon - Manka Bros

Reel Truth                       Supporting     Glenn Simon - Manka Bros

"...his most recognizable creation, the dough-faced, half-pint robot superhero Astro Boy (perkily brought to wide-eyed life by Heather Schmidt)..." -Bill Raden (LA Weekly)


Super Powers

Musical Instruments (Ukulele, Piano, Guitar), Standup Comedy (with original ukulele songs), Stage Combat Choreographer, Singer (Mezzo Soprano), Fast Pitch Softball (Pitcher… League of Their Own II, anyone?)


Crimes of the Heart                                 Babe                 Kat Singleton - Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre

The Death of Sam Mobean                    Molly                 Michael Shaw Fisher - Orgasmico Theatre Company

Tangerine Sunset                                    Moira Lenz        JJ Mayes - Sacred Fools Theater

I'm Gonna K*ll the Pres*dent               Fifi                       Hieronymous Bang

The Faggot King or Edward II                 Edward II          Christopher Johnson - School of Night

Night Witches                                           Nina                   Will McMichael - Thrillpeddlers

Astro Boy and the God of Comics         Astro Boy          Jaime Robledo - Sacred Fools Theater 

Beirut                                                         Blue                  Mark Freeman - Little Theatre of Santa Monica

Star Crossed                                             Amber               Joe Jordan - Magnum Opus Theatre

The Poe Show                                          Huck Finn         Ed Goodman - Sacred Fools Theater

Live! From the Last Night of My Life    Sharon Louise   JJ Mayes - Sacred Fools Theater

This Is Our Youth                                     Jessica               Alisha Soper - Los Angeles New Court Theater

Steel Magnolias                                       Annelle              Kat Singleton - Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre

The Diary of Anne Frank                        Anne Frank       Steve Woolf - Arrow Rock Lyceum Theatre

Romeo and Juliet                                     Juliet                  Bo Hallowes - Big Sky Repertory Theatre

To Kill a Mockingbird                              Dill                      Greg Johnson - Montana Repertory Theatre

As You Like It                                           Celia                    Stuart McDowell - Dayton Festival Theatre

Violet                                                         Young Vi             Joseph Bates - Dayton Festival Theatre

Grease                                                      Frenchy              Greg Helms - Dayton Festival Theatre

Veronica's Room                                     Susan                  Larry Schmidt - West End Theatre of St. Louis

Crimes of the Heart                                Babe                   Kat Singleton - West End Theatre of St. Louis

Closer                                                        Alice                   Matt Neal - West End Theatre of St. Louis

Bus Stop                                                   Cherie                 Kat Singleton - West End Theatre of St. Louis


BFA Professional Acting Program, Wright State University

       Acting: Stanislavski, Meisner, Shakespeare, Comedy of Manners,                                          Contemporary, Improv, Greek, Absurdism, Musical Theatre Styles

       Movement: LaBan, Alexander, Yoga, Suzuki, View Points, Physical Comedy,                                 Recognized Stage Combatant (unarmed, single sword, rapier                                   and dagger, broadsword).

       Speech: Dialects (Standard British, Cockney, Irish, General Southern,                                     Appalachian, General New York)

Groundlings Improv School: Level 1 Basic - Level 3 Writing Lab


"Supporting the hilarious posturing, “gee willikers”–spouting title character brilliantly assayed by Schmidt..." -Travis Michael Holder (Arts In LA)

"Heather Schmidt’s arch portrayal of Astro Boy is, in the best sense, a cartoon come to life. Over the years, this sort of animated performance style has frequently been on display at Sacred Fools, and at other companies like Theatre of Note and Actors Gang, companies all dedicated to putting the “play” back in acting. Schmidt doesn’t play at Astro Boy’s action posturings. She embodies the spirit of a two-dimensional creature whose coded actions take on greater and greater resonance with each step backward toward its origins."  -Dan Duling (playwright)

"Heather Schmidt [brings] equal doses of innocence and shaky grit to the teenager-turned-war-hero protagonist." -Amy Lyons (Stage Raw)

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